Murf - Bass/Vocals  |  Tank - Vocals | Adam - Guitar/Vocals | Kate - Drums 

Incendiary, hard rockers, Chasing Dragons are currently in the throws of touring the release of their debut album “Faction” [October 2018]. The band released an album teaser EP, “Faction: Prologue” [2016] and single “Bare Knuckle Lover” [2017]; 3 songs of which are featured on the full length album. These and the full length release have been produced, mixed and mastered by Lee Batiuk (Deaf Havana, Top 10 UK Music Producer) and the album promises to be a rollercoaster of frenetic riffery, soaring vocals, thunderous rhythms, and a real showcase of what this band has to offer. Somewhere between the realms of rock and metal, their sound is big, ballsy, well considered and full of that dynamic energy that's so infectious, you can't help but enjoy them.

Drawing comparisons to Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Guano Apes, Skunk Anansie, Hammerfall and Halestorm, Chasing Dragons are making one hell of a noise. Having already shared stages with Pendulum, Skindred, Sikth, Funeral For A Friend, Aaron Buchanan, The Blackout, Glamour Of The Kill, InMe, Death Angel, The Dirty Youth and The Sweet amongst others, they’re poised upon the tip of the sword and are ready to strike. They’ve been seen at venues of every size and caliber ranging from O2 Academies and the notorious Camden Underworld to pubs, clubs and even tea rooms as well as local and national festivals of the likes of Bloodstock Open Air, Hard Rock Hell [Main Fest, AOR, Sleaze], Amplified Fest, SOS Fest, Wildfire, TBFM’s Breaking Bands Fest and thrice at Whitby Goth Weekend.

At the end of 2017, the band said goodbye to founding member and guitar maestro Mitch Sadler [2012-2017] upon the culmination of the recording of “Faction” and welcomed Adam Smith in February 2018 to take up the mantle and journey with them to the next chapter.

“Faction” is Chasing Dragons barely scratching the surface of what they have to offer; they are shouting loud and clear that they’re in this for the long run and they’re here to stay.


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